Thursday, March 29, 2007

Entourage Back.... Boom

At Reindeer we took an oath of allegiance to Entourage back in 2004... That hot summer when they did 8 episodes on a Sunday night paired up with Ali G.

A great article to whet your appetite for the season opener on April 8th from the NY Observer.

Ari vs. Mata Hari
When Last We Visited Entourage’s Super-Agent Ari Gold, He Was Disgraced, Shattered, Exiled by Vince and Boys

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bad Buzz For Second Life

A feature length article has been printed about Second Life downfalls. (Those in the industry know that a lot of these pieces can sometimes be "prompted"). However, I will add that we have proposed Second Life initiatives to several clients who all did not want to go ahead because of the lack of reporting tools.

Because of the lack of stats from Second Life, developers are stepping up to try and build it for them. I have heard that Electric Sheep have been doing this.

With all of the virtual worlds we have spoken to, there are two big sticking points: 1) reporting is the weakest part of the pitch 2) the size of the application download.

Bad buzz article on Second Life:

Ad Week

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

AT&T Uses Apple "Cool Kid v Loser" Ads

For those who are not on the uptake, Cingular is owned by SBC/now AT&T Inc and Bell South. The Cingular brand was created to take over the AT&T brand and drop all the bad perceptions around the brand. $4bn has been spent on building Cingular and now someone high up has decided 'um, nup, i have changed my mind. lets go back to at&t.' Personally, it just seems absolutely rooted in absurdity. But whatever.

Anyway, back to my point. I am a huuuge March Madness fan. I am sitting here watching Wisconsin try to fight off UNLV... and its not looking good for the Badger or my bracket. So, AT&T have taken a huge inventory sponsorship on this CBS coverage and they have been running the same cool kid v loser/embarassing person strategy that Mac have been using.

You have see the Apple v PC ads. They get a young cool/connected/up with it kid to play Mac and a loser/past used by date guy to represent PC. So they create this personality for Mac that feels sorry for PC. Which is an even bigger insult than picking a straight fight. "I am not angry, I just feel sorry for you'"

AT&T are doing the same thing in their spots. They have created the ultra cool/trendy/connected young asian guy. The kinda guy you would look to to be all over things like which phone you should get. So he is obviously the AT&T guy. Then we have the Sprint guy. They really over do it here. In one spot he has ice cream over his face. In another the AT&T guy is on the phone to one of his cooool friends when he tosses a ball like you would for a dog. Of course, Sprint guy bounces away to go fetch.

Maybe we will see the McDonalds v Burger King kid next....

Friday, March 16, 2007


What is everyone talking about in a nutshell ?


The future of making money out of content is about creating more instances. Getting single units of content used over and over. This translates into more time spent with content which equals more brand $'s.

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