Friday, March 24, 2006

We are proud to launch...

Because when you need a moment... Chew it over with a TWIX.

Thanks team... loving working with this brand team. Smart cookies.

Friday, March 10, 2006

No Xbox 360's ? Still ?

Its not March 10th and a big retail chain like EB Games are still out of Xbox 360's. A few weeks out of stock is kinda cool and brings cache to the whole exclusivity thing...

However, it is fair to say now that the Xbox 360 launch was an executional failure. I am sure heads will roll at Microsoft because this time between their launch and that of the Sony Playstation 3, is where they could be creating life long 360 devotees.

Instead, this is very much a big win for Sony Playstation 3. They are working the rumor mills to create the perception that it is coming out soon and for people to hold off. In EB yesterday a guy asked for the Xbox 360 and the guy behind the counter didnt even look up - "we dont have any". Not, "Hey man, we are really sorry, can we give you a 10% discount for the inconvenience and I could sell you one now and guarantee it will be delievred to your house in 14 days?"

I couldnt help myself.. So as he was looking at Pre-Played games, I said "might as well wait for ps3...".. he looked up and said he wanted 360 but will now wait to see what ps3 looks like.

I think if Sony brings out a machine that works with a pc and mac and ipod and psp seamlessly, we are going to see the absolute demolition of Xbox 360. I have a PC and a Mac... The 360 DOES NOT work with any of them. You need a very specialized version of Windows called Media Centre. If you go to website, you will see about 20% of machines have Windows Media Centre.

Good luck PS3. I very much love my Xbox 360... at the moment... but it could be 'a phase... a college thing... like torn levi's or law school for Jerry. Want some fruit ? I am going to get some from the fridge."

Video Game Retailers - Pre-Owned Games = Profit

So, there when I was organizing pick up of my 360, the guy at the store was pumping me for info in the games I already owned. He was trying to get me to bring down some of my titles by saying that once you play them they just sit there.. why not make a little cash back. Connect that with the fact that Pre-Owned games are now given as much retail presence as new games and you can work out the business model. They aint makin a whole lot off the new games - so they act as almost a loss leader to get people in the store which is now adopting more an ebay model. A place for pre-loved video game equipment but with dope mark ups... buy for $10 sell $29.95.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Roger Is All Grown's Up

We are proud.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Google Desktop

Been doing some work on a PC so I downloaded all of the Google apps. Must say I dont use it that much at all. have shut down all the panels and nevvvver use the search tool bar for anything. i find it more annoying than anything.

perhaps google should stay on web and not on the machine ?

I think it is either that or they need to bite bullet and offer some productivity tools like a Word styled app... and a spreadsheet app etc.

Time will tell.