Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Good Will Ferrell

This is so so good.. and from a business point of view, so smart. Most 'hollywood' would see little web clips as too small to do. This thing will get up 5 million + views... at 2.5 mins each. (Thats active minutes - the people are actively watching this - unlike passive/non watching of commercials - so maybe it has 5 times the value of a paid commercial spot.)

The Landlord

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Joost It Up

Here is a screen grab of Joost on my Mac. The list of channels comes up on the left and the features are under My Joost (which should be called Tools). Its way cool though.

I am a Joost Beta tester and boy oh boy.. I use the thing every day.. Cause you know what it is great for ? Video Wallpaper!

Remember having music videos on in the background on a Saturday morning. Something you really didnt have to give 100% attention to but set a great vibe in the house ? Well thats what I use Joost for. I have it on a screen in the background at office.

I am sure I will then use it to watch episodes of shows when there are more shows on there that I actually watch. Its like having a digital video recorder.

The tools are a little too hard to figue out at the moment and I dont think they will be used much.. Its the fax theory... Everyone has to have one for it to work. Everyone has IM.. Not everyone has Joost. Might be cool for sharing shows though.. Like, 'yo, james check this episode of Studio 60". Message goes to his playlist/inbox in Joost. Way cool.

Giddy up kids.. Another one from the guys who brought us Kazaa and Skype. Home run once again.

Only downside.. it tries to do screen takeovers too many times. Come on guys, you know we hate that. Let us push the buttons.


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