Wednesday, May 25, 2005

XBOX 360. Bring it.

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Here is a photo of the new Xbox 360.

It is a media box that happens to play kick ass games. According to J Allard its all about high definition and always connected.

People who dont game :
- plug your ipod into it
- you can store all of your music on it (so you dont fill you computer and slow it down like i do)
- video chat with friends/family even when you dont have a game on. good bye telephone
- play dvd's and cd's

They are talking November this year for release... way before Playstation 3... and then MSFT will bring out Halo 3 when PS 3 comes out. ouch.

EA Sports Kill It At E3

E3 EA Video Board 1
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The EA Sports video board was by far and away the most impressive physical exhibit I have ever seen. It was at the E3 conference in LA. No one could leave the room until they had watched the loop a few times.

It was a seamless 360 degree video board and everyone stood in the middle and the game preview played around you so it was like you were in the game. So when they played the football example, the offense was on one side and the defense on the other and you felt like you were going to get crunched.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Reindeer Creates Buzz for New Vh1 Show BSTV



New York, NY – May 18th - New York-based ideas agency The Reindeer Group created a hugely successful online “buzz” marketing campaign for the launch of VH1’s new series “BSTV,” which premiered Sunday, May 15.

The weekly television series invites real people and celebrities to participate in what they believe to be casting calls and pilot tapings for the latest and hottest new reality shows. What they don’t know is that every audition is 100% fake. Each concept is pulled off by a cast of improv actors posing as the show’s producers and talent. No matter how much "B.S." is doled out by our cast of accomplices, eager reality show wannabes and celebrities always seem ready to believe any bogus concept for their chance at fame. Celebrities who participated include: Dennis Rodman, Rachel Hunter, Katrina Campins, John Salley, Kimberley Locke, Traci Lords, Erik Estrada, Cindy Margolis, Tara Lipinski and more.

To help VH1 launch the series, The Reindeer Group developed a buzz campaign featuring BSTV.TV, a web site that was designed to be talked about on the internet. The initiative became an online hit with blogs and websites which added the site as a “must see” including the site The Daily Candy. In a four week period BSTV.TV went from being unknown to 200,000 unique visitors watching the equivalent of 1.5m :30 second increments of video.

Using the BSTV.TV site, The Reindeer Group developed a backstory for a ‘mystery production’ company that had been producing television shows in ‘stealth mode’. This story provided the fuel to spark an online viral frenzy as people viewed online clips of shows such as ‘Come Fry With Me’ where one lucky civilian is told they could win the chance to flick the switch on an execution of a death row inmate.

The campaign involved online and outdoor elements that drove people to The campaign featured the BSTV.TV website, online media, outdoor wild-postings and a mobile truck and Reindeer’s proprietary online seeding techniques.

Troy Benton, President of The Reindeer Group said, “It’s great to work with a brand like Vh1 which understands that marketing now has the dual objective of communicating a story as well as entertaining the consumer. BSTV.TV provided the consumers with something that they wanted to pass on to friends.”

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Consumer Has The Power and Confidence

This article is a perfect summation of what is going on in the world of marketing at the moment. It is literally happening right now - this year.

Read this.. Consumer is King