Thursday, May 25, 2006

Second Life en Vogue

The metaverse is exploding and businesses are really beginning to catch on to the opportunities for extending their brands in Second Life. Many major media companies, universities, not-for-profits, and private corporations have established presences and promotions in Second Life over the past few months.

In case you don't know what Second Life is, see my post on Electric Sheep.

Here are some compelling statistics.
  • 50% of Second Life users are male and 50% are female
  • In-game celebrity lists are primarily composed of females
  • 240,000 distinct objects were sold between March 7, 2006 and April 7, 2006 for a total of roughly $6.5 million USD in transactions
  • 75 million instant messages were relayed in Second Life between March 7, 2006 and April 7, 2006
  • 17 different universities are teaching in Second Life
  • 25,000 users log in to Second Life daily
[source: ETech 2006, March 7, 2006]

Second Life presents a unique opportunity for corporations to "let loose" and directly interact with an audience that is, traditionally, very hard to reach but very valuable. Imagine what Ronald McDonald might look like as a character in Second Life or Teen Second Life. Well, that might be reaching. But the point remains. Second Life presents a new way to connect with people.

Want to know some of the stuff that's going on??
  • 20th Century Fox premiered X-Men: The Last Stand on Second Life as a live stream direct from Cannes. It featured extended trailers, extended footage, and a live commentary, exclusive to Second Life, by the actress Ellen Page (Kitty Pryde/shadowcat).
  • BBC One broadcasted their One Big Weekend festival inside Second Life May 12-14. They constructed a massive virtual stage, and invited Second Life residents to come along, have a dance, and soak up the music.
  • Wells Fargo created Stagecoach Island in Second Life, a place where Second Lifers can play games that teach them about finance “while hanging out with friends.”

Don't know why people are so crazy over Second Life? Sign up for a free account and find out for yourself.



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