Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Fiat for under $1000

So Fiat is releasing a line of stylish phones in Europe. What does this prove? Well, it is obviously just another example of how the "soft" stuff matters most. As my informal mentor Tom Peters said, excellence is the price of entry in today's market. What really separates great stuff from everything else is the "soft" stuff.

I'm sure the Fiat phones are no great technological marvels. This is an attempt to leverage the value of a brand that has been carefully crafted over the years by providing access to an exclusive product for the masses. A lot of these marketing guys call this "massclusivity." I'll avoid bothering with that kind of talk. I'm not much for trend following or trying to find a magic solution for any problem. I just like cool stuff. Is this cool? While I see the appeal for certain markets, I don't much care.

- Marc

Thanks Engadget


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