Monday, May 15, 2006

At last. Useful stuff on the internet.

FINALLY, a few services I can actually use. Recommend It! and Wishlistr have automated things we already do (or want to do).

Wishlistr is a great idea that is wonderfully executed. Wishlistr is an online wish list that is very pretty and easy to use. It's a not so subtle way of letting people know what you want. So when Christmas rolls around, you don't have to worry about getting useless presents to regift. Simply refer them to your wishlist. They have over twenty templates you can choose from to personalize your wishlist. Plus, its simple to use. Just sign up and start posting. All that you'll need is 1) Item name 2) URL 3) Short description. Its that simple!

Wishlistr takes the power of online sharing/customization and uses it to create a great solution for a small problem. Net result? We'll all use it. They even have a preloaded message that makes passing the site along really easy. Way to go. Plus, you can subscribe to my wishlist feed!
My Verdict: What would push this site into great territory is the inclusion of screenshots for wishlist items.'s just what the doctor ordered.

Recommend It! is a cool idea that could use some serious improvement. It allows you to easily recommend sites and services to friends and family. Keep track of recommendations from people that you trust using our watch list feature. Plus keep track of these recommendations through RSS.
The problem with Recommend It! is that it's ugly and it's not customizable. All you see is a bunch of text and tags. A site that is all about advertising (which recommendations are) should be prettier. One line of text is not enough to get a feeling for how good a site is.
My Verdict: Check it out...but be on the lookout for improvements or something better. Cool idea.



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