Tuesday, May 02, 2006

They'll give you a Second Life

Electric Sheep is a highly successful real estate development company that you've never heard of. That's because they build real estate in a whole different world; a world called Second Life.

Second Life is one of the most popular virtual worlds in...the world. It has over 165,000 users. Anyone can join for free. They're allowed to create and own any kind of clothing, vehicles, buildings or other objects at no cost. Second Life makes its money by charging players for land they buy and build on.

Second Life has spawned a number of collaborative projects that solve real world problems with Second Life solutions. But where Second Life "owns" the land, others must develop it. That is where Electric Sheep comes in.

Electric Sheep works with organizations to develop presences in Second Life to conduct business, train new employees, have meetings, collaborate on content or to simply hang out. They build infrastructure and communities for corporations, big (Fortune 500), and small. They have a 13-person staff to make it happen and are based in Washington DC.

It generally costs around $15,000 for a complete customization of a sim from Electric Sheep. That includes terraforming the land, constructing buildings and scripting interactivity into objects throughout the space.

Need to spend some money? Call Electric Sheep.

Here are some CASE STUDIES:


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