Tuesday, May 23, 2006

We're Gold Diggers!

Guess what? Got some news. The Reindeer is... behind the scenes. Our President, Troy Benton, is consulting to Mark Burnett Productions on "Gold Rush".

Just a few days ago, every reputable and disreputable media outlet on the net, TV, radio and print covered the announcement from Emmy award winners Mark Burnett & AOL of details surrounding the ground-breaking cross-platform reality game, "Gold Rush". I know, that sentence was a lot to spit out. Basically CBS will be Gold Rush's broadcast home.

Here are the basics on the game:
GOLD RUSH begins as thirteen armored trucks laden with gold head off into the darkness, their caches are about to be hidden somewhere in America. Twelve of these trucks contain $100,000 in solid gold and the thirteenth, $1 million dollars in solid gold. Together, over $2 million in solid gold is up for grabs.

The idea is that players will run around trying to find the more than $2 million in gold bullion hidden across America, with clues to the whereabouts hidden online, on AOL.com, with sister sites AIM.com, Moviefone.com and MapQuest.com also posting clues, as well as CBS TV network, radio broadcasts, magazines and mobile media.

So, keep an eye out for this on AOL.com because its going to be an awesome experience for players.


Blogger Jimbo said...

I love goooooooooooooooolllld.

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