Tuesday, May 16, 2006

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Thank God for Om Malik. Here is a business & tech guy with some balls. While we're all (web 2.0 startups and speculators) losing our common sense from greed, excitement, jealousy - I don't really know the reasons - he is willing to tell it like it is. In his article "The Myth, Reality and Future of Web 2.0" he says what we all know but don't want to say. Web 2.0 is a mess of too similar and too useless services!
The Myth of Web 2.0 is the investment opportunities.
The reality of Web 2.0 is too little original thinking.
There are prominent websites that virtually foam at the mouth over anything new that uses whatever look or technology is the current fad. I think the functionality and look of a web service is really important. But the idea has to be different enough from inception to be worthy of time and money. People are shorting the ideas for speed to market. This is greed in its worst form and, mostly, it won't work. So...that's my moral revelation for the month.


Take a gander at these useless services.


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