Friday, July 20, 2007

Want To Learn Online Marketing ? Two Words: Secondhand Serenade

If you are a MySpace kid, right now you are saying... der.

We could all learn a lot from John Veesly. He is someone I have watched for 2 years build a following - and a business I am sure - using self publishing tools like MySpace, Yahoo Music and good ole fashion "help me out" calls via blog posts.

He has built a music presence and following on MySpace that has led him to dominate the unsigned artist charts on that site for a long time. He has sinced moved over to the Indie chart where he is at 12. All I hear from a lot of marketers these days is talk talk talk.. reminds me a lot of the dot com era of '99 and 2000 which I was a part of in California and Europe. Talk, talk, talk.. back then it was "portal", "hits" and "fulfillment" and today its "web 2.0", "social networks" and "user generated content". Back then it was all a good idea one day and literally around April 19th, 2000 - all of a sudden it wasnt.

The difference with John is that he can say he did it.

Just on MySpace alone, he has had 24.7 million plays of his music. His hit song Vulnerable has been played 6.01 million times itself.

Secondhand Serenade On MySpace

Even more impressive is how he has quickly built real channels to market. Uploading and selling his music via Yahoo Music, merchandise, ringtones and doing gigs all over the country. This isnt just about how many friends he can get.

Congratulations John. I have been following your progress and learning from you for a long time and I think newbies and CEO's of Viacom and Time Warner alike could all do a lot worse than having a chat to you about how you do it.


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