Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Adidas. Well Done.

All of the sports marketing people I know on the client side have the same gripe - the waste of sponsorship time with sponsored players/celebs. They have things in the contract like 15 appearances a year - they end up using 3. There seems to be tremendous focus on getting them on board and then not enough focus on getting their money's worth.

In the video below, David Beckham and Reggie Bush play football and futbol.

A great use of sponsorship dollars here. This idea would make headline prime time of any sports channel. For those who dont know Reggie Bush see here. He is basically the new young face of the NFL.

Adidas. Respect.

Adidas own Reebok.. Yo Adidadians, shoot your Reebokians an email up at Canton, MA. Maybe RBK will do something with Yao Ming. Never seen a massive sponsorship deal go so unused. Free money to Yao. I can count one maybe two spots and one face on the I AM WHAT I AM campaign.


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