Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Big Rise Over At NBC For Silverman

Been watching the rise of Ben Silverman over past couple of years. Its happened quick and now he is at the top of one of the heaps.

When he was an agent in London for WIlliam Morris he helped broker deals for shows like Who Wants To Be A Miilionaire into the US. Then he launched on his own as Reveille through a deal with a production company and brought over established hits from other countires into the US and sold them into networks like The Office and Ugly Betty. His company created and produced shows The Biggest Loser and Nashville Star.

So he is now Co-Chairman of both NBC's entertainment and television divisions. A huge rise to fame over 3 years and a massive congraulations are in order. Obviously someone who gets stuff done... which seems to be rare these days.

NBC, in Shake-Up, Names Outsider to a Top Position


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