Thursday, February 22, 2007

Who'd A Thunk It.. Wii Top Seller In US

Nintendo Wii Was The Biggest Selling Console In US in January - 436,000 consoles!!!!! More than Xbox 360 or PS3! Snap!

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I have to admit, after Nintendo's last couple of console efforts, I was thinking why is Nintendo even bothering to invest in a new console. How wrong was that?!!?

But as soon as I saw someone swinging a paddle like a baseball bat.. I was like, "this duck hunt!!!!!!!!" We all remember trying to shoot those damn ducks!

More importantly, I think most people have a fascination with physical interaction with a screen. A big example is the systems where you can smack a golf ball into a big screen and it will show your ball in flight and where it lands on a course. None of us can help but want to pick up that club and whack away.

So Nintendo have created a whole gaming ecosystem around this. Just imagine the possibilities with two motion sensoring paddles in your hand. I cannto wait to see the music 'play along' games they bring out. Its been all about sports for now but guarantee you next Christmas it will all be about 4-12 year olds playing along with music games.


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