Friday, February 16, 2007

Soapbox Out Of Beta, Veoh Out Of Beta, Blogger Out Of Beta

So we are guessing being in beta is soooooo 2006 right ?

All the kids are growing up. And you know what this means right ? A customer service department :-) Cause if you are out of beta you are meant to be all grows'd up.

We are looking forward to how they come up with branding opportunities we can understand and sell in to clients. The YouTube PVA made it easy to understand (and possible to sell in) and gave the initial boost/injection any idea is looking for. They help you create the spark and then it is up to the content if the consumer feels strongly enough to take up the reigns on distribution for you. It worked incredibly well for us on the Panasonic UndeniableTV campaign with Jamie Kennedy.

(big case of friday fever in here today by the way tiny dancer is way up - free fallin and dont stop believin have also played.)


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