Thursday, May 24, 2007

Content... Not Advertising. "Messin With Sasquatch"

Gone are the days where we are tied to certain distribution channels. We can jump between channels and devices in a second. So its about content now. You ant just buy eyeballs like you used to.

So a company like Jack Link's Beef Jerky are forced to get it. And they so get it. Their "Messin With Sasquatch" isnt advertising. Because I think most people, if they had a button on their tv, would turn advertising off. This is entertainment. While so many brands are trying to make things that look good to them, Jack Link's are making stuff that look good to consumers.

Brands need to stop thinking about return on investment just for them. They need to think in terms of return on investment for customers.

Jack Link's have done a series of sketches called "Messin' With Sasquatch". See more at have created a lot of them.

This is my fave spot:



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