Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The iPhone Doesnt Have Instant Messaging. WHAT??????

So, I am sitting here on the Wednesday before the Friday opening of the iPhone and I am seriously considering not purchasing it.

Why ? Because it does not have instant messaging. I am sorry but Apple.. I feel like we have hit a weird period in our relationship. I dont understand. I am confused. A little hurt and most of all... kinda thinking you may have changed.

I thought we had history. I thought when you sat down to make this phone, the first thing you would have put on there was IM. So when I am on a train in the middle of nowhere... or waiting in the airport... or just want to say hey to my parents are you telling me I am going to be all alone ? No live connections ?

My Treo gives me IM. Why wont you Apple iPhone ?

I am not sure I can do this.


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