Monday, July 02, 2007

Two Reasons Why I Have Not Bought An iPhone From A Mac Lover

For those that know me, they know I am a gadget-a- holic. I need to buy everything the day it comes out. Xbox, Wii, etc.

I am also a massive Mac fan. Everything from the HD 30 inch screen, Mac Pro, multiple Airports to the iPod Shuffles I don't use. I cannot walk into an Apple store without buying something. That was until now. I spoke to 2 Apple guys and wasnt comvinced. By the way, all the Apple guys have the same comebacks - 1. "Things are changing" 2."The iPhone is software based so updates will come." Dont you feel dirty Apple guys ?

So it pains me that Apple screwed me to a point that I just walked out of the Apple store in Soho, New York without buying one. I have been such a fan and for some stupid reason they have left out the following 2 things. So it sucks and has really pissed me off that I can't buy one.

I have a Treo and am sticking with it for time being.

Reason 1: Can't Transfer Files from Mac to iPhone.

So if I am out of office and working on a document on my Mac and have no web access I usually transfer it via bluetooth to my Treo, attach to email and send.

This allows me to be out of office but still fully functional.

You cannot do this with an iPhone. You can only 'read' docs in an email. So I could be stuck on a train with the perfect document to send in a timely fashion with a Mac and iPhone and I would be paralyzed. Aint going to

Reason 2: No Instant Messaging.

I am connected to people I work with, friends and family all the time on instant message.

What REALLY pisses me off about the IM is that it is a political decision. AT&T want people buying more text messages. You only get 200 with all the plans and its an extra 40 for unlimited. This sucks and is a blatant F You
from Apple/AT&T to suck money out of big web/data users. Well F You back guys. I have just opened another browser to donate money to the all hackers looking for ways to hack and unlock the iPhone.

UPDATE: quick thought.. perhaps they are waiting for

You've changed Steve. Not cool.


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