Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Panasonic Online Video Fest



Reindeer is proud to help two staples of American youth culture join forces, Panasonic and YouTube. The two have come together to form the Panasonic Online Video Fest on YouTube! YouTube, as you all know, is a crown jewel of the user-generated content revolution. Yes, I know, revolution might be a little overzealous... YouTube, an infant in the corporate world, is the definitive destination for online video sharing and viewing. Panasonic, a worldwide corporate giant, is the leading creator of cutting edge technology, in this case, Plasma TVs and Digital Cameras.

We are excited to see such a big brand embracing this new service. We created this contest for Panasonic as a way to celebrate the best of YouTube. We'll be selecting the funniest videos on YouTube and showcasing them on the fest website. The winners will receive really cool prizes from Panasonic.

Panasonic is giving away 50" Plasma HDTVs to the funniest videos on YouTube and digital cameras for the most creative reviews and comments posted.

The four funniest videos on YouTube, chosen over a four-week competition period, compete against each other for the First Prize Video Award Package - a 50-inch Plasma TV and a Digital Camera. Each week, the writer of the most creative review of that week's winning video will get a digital camera too!



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