Friday, September 12, 2008

Apple iTunes Genius Feature - Just What I Wanted!

I noticed that lately I had not had the time to create new playlists and I was getting bored of the old ones. On my computer I only listen to online radio through iTunes Radio (Radio > Pop > Big R Radio * The Mix and Virgin Radio UK if anyone cares).

The new Apple iTunes 8 has just been released for download. The biggest new thing is the Genius feature. When you allow it, Genius reads all of your songs and artists. Then you can select one song and it will build a playlist with related music. If you do not like the one you see, just hit refresh and it will show you another. How cool. So you can get a fresh playlist in about 10 seconds instead o having to go through On The Go.

BUT.. one little downside. Genius has a lot of "recommendations" that push you to buy music from iTunes. It feels like a slippery, upsell. I HATE being upsold more than anything. "Would you like tap water or bottled water?"


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