Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Digital World Is About Them... not us (brands).

Sites like Facebook, MySpace work to protect you from "brandspeak" and only let in stuff you truly want to see or hear about. They know you ignore banners, so they let brands buy them.. They never share that knowledge with the brands though.

More and more people are going to less and less sites.

Options ? Make stuff that is about them. That looks good to them. Not to you and the people at head office. Actually, rule should be... if you all the people in the corporate head office love it and are comfortable with it... start again.

Face it. You cannot interrupt people anymore. It does not matter how pretty or good looking you make the brand. Dont you get it ? It is not how pretty you look.

You have to create things they sincerely like. That they really want to stay connected with.

What is the real reason a lot of people will really stay connected to you ?

Kevin Roberts: "A Lovemark is owned by the people. Not by the brand."


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