Thursday, August 28, 2008

McCain to Obama: Search This!

The power of AdWords isn't lost on the GOP. Amazing to think that a party who have selected a dinosaur as their Presidential Candidate have managed to latch on to a relatively successful way to reach potential undecideds. Search terms "Joe Biden," "Biden and Obama," "Housing Crisis," and "U.S. Economy" have been purchased by the McCain camp in an attempt to inject their version of information into the query results of curious Americans.

The Wall Street Journal reports that many marketing professionals (including me) see this as a missed opportunity for the Obama campaign, who currently have no AdWords leading the conversation.

Many potential voters who identify as undecided demographically skew towards the Obama audience, and are definitely of the age to be considered internet savvy. It seems this AdWords push is directly targeted at trying to sway them to the McCain side. I'd kill to see the click stats on this campaign.

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