Monday, August 18, 2008

facebook Puts Out Content

facebook is a self proclaimed utility. But it was interesting to see the below today congratulating Michael Phelps.

They got a mention on the Bob Costas interview on NBC after the race - so they are pouncing on that - but it led me to think what else facebook could be used for.

Was thinking what about in a time of emergency in a certain region or network ?

Specifically, in a time of a college based tragedies - which I hope we do not see again - but unfortunately may. In times where there is mass panic, facebook could be a way to contact a lot of people in that particular network because most everyone enters what school they go to and whether they are a current student.

By entering this Michael Phelps congrats, they kind of open themselves up to "well, if you did it for phelps, would do it for an emergency?" Comment away.


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