Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Time To Pownce

Kevin Rose of digg.com fame has launched a new service called Pownce. Pownce is a way to share messages, files, events, and links with your friends.

Desktop apps are making it so easy to create really cool stuff on your computer like movies, music etc - but the file sharing/email world hasnt ever been up to speed. Anything over 20MB and a client will always overnight a CD to us. We have been using Yousendit.com because not all clients know how to access FTP.

So, I think superusers will be drawn to this really quickly. It is only open to people who have been invited so far, but here is a link to Kevin's profile and here is a link to a discussion on his profile about whether Pownce is the new Napster.

I would love a world where sharing a file is an easy click away.. no matter the size. Time to Pownce kids... Get on and support.


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