Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lonelygirl15 - 7 million plays - A Great Portfolio Piece

I am really digging this Lonelygirl15 project. It goes to show that there is a format out there for YouTube. Its called narrative.

They are currently up to 7m plays and the scripts are pretty well written.

The premise... Imagine if Joey Potter was doing a video diary of what was going on with her and Dawson Leary.

People are hitting very very sporadic homeruns with once off vids. See Smirnoff Tea Party. But they are a hit or miss. But if you create something that has a controversial headline and create curiosity, the cute girl factor of amanda (ex rocketboom girl) ,you will get the editors to cover it then keep filling it with content.

For those who dont know.. Bree is a home schooled girl with very strict parents and has a blossoming relationship with Daniel. She posts about her plight and Daniel is slowly moving in...


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