Thursday, July 06, 2006

Buddy AI

AIM freaks rejoice! You no longer have to check your computer every two minutes to see if that special someone you're stalking is on. Now, with Availabot, you can watch Power Rangers and eat Cheetos in anxious ecstasy while you wait to unabashadly pester your recent Hot-or-Not find.

"But how?" you ask. Simply keep the Availabot somewhere in range of your peripheral vision. When xoxoforgivemexoxo comes on, the plastic mechanized (wo)man will jump up to attention. Best of all, you can customize your little friend to look just like you.

Created by London based Schulze & Webb, Availabot is a USB device that physically shows the availability of someone on your IM buddy list. When the assigned friend is available for chatting Availabot stands up; when said friend is no longer online Availabot falls down. Each unit is made to order and can be customized to your liking. I'd love to see a daisy chain-able version so that I could connect a bunch of these guys to people on my buddy list. - coolhunting


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