Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The End Of A Yahoo Gossip Girl Episode

A few months back, a public smackdown (that was not too unlike the one's we have seen between Serena and Blair) went down between Steve Ballmer from Microsoft and Jerry Yang from Yahoo. We posted about it here: "Microsoft Man And Boy Yahoo"

You could not pick up a newspaper without Yahoo and Microsoft's name coupled up and smattered all over the paper. Watching it from the outside, I could see a beat down of mammoth proportions coming. However, perhaps it was the billions Jerry Yang had made from starting Yahoo, that did not allow him to see the same thing.

So now it has played out as we posted.

I think that a few of the punches that Ballmer landed may have actually been knock out lows and perhaps Yahoo may never recover.

Jerry Yang has stepped down and Yahoo whom was offered $33 a share is now down at $11.




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