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NEW YORK (October 17, 2007)

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LiveGamesNetwork is combining the addictive nature of casual gaming with social networking to create an online adventure games site.

The LiveGamesNetwork ( creates games that last for 14 days and require web access and a cell phone to play. Created around dramatic story lines, the players complete tasks in the form of online challenges, puzzles and games to score points. The games are casual in nature but have the twists and turns of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Once players sign up, they play by launching their player dashboard. They follow instructions and character messages to complete each level. The dashboard will be similar for every game so players can get straight to the action and not have to worry about spending hours learning the game or downloading an application. “With a LiveGame, our audience knows when it starts and when it ends. The same way we know a sitcom lasts for 30 mins, our games run to a format,” says founder Troy Benton.

The LiveGamesNetwork has been built on the premise that people like to enjoy stories together. The social gaming platform has been built to react to player’s actions via text, email and the web. They can connect with fellow players by sending messages, adding people to their watch lists, posting messages in the forum, view games friends are playing and track their progress. “We have found that people love instantly venting about a twist in the story, post about the motives of a character or sharing how they just solved a task. We have built the tools for people to connect and converse with existing friends and make new ones around games”, Benton says.

The LiveGamesNetwork site has been built so many games can be going at the same time. “Our players love TV and films and tell us they get really disappointed when the most exciting thing on the show’s website is a photo gallery and a quiz”, says Benton. He adds that, “a lot of our players have said they feel like it is a modern day version of ‘Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?’ We love that comparison.”

In the future, LiveGamesNetwork aims to build LiveGames based on licensed content and has started those conversations. It is widely believed that major film franchises can sometimes take up to ten years to break even. Today, revenue “windows” such as DVD and merchandise are putting money back into the pockets of studios but apart from reselling video on iTunes, has the web provided a bankable revenue stream?

“The web has prime time numbers without a prime time format. How many people watch Heroes and went to see Fast And The Furious? What is online for those fans to play? How do the studios that own that content make money online? We are trying to solve this problem and hope to become a link in the revenue chain for return on investment in content.

LiveGamesNetwork Releases:

“The Prague Files II”
Begins October 29: “Jack, Your Father’s Death Was Not A Mistake”

“P.S. Don’t Shoot Me”
Begins December 3rd, 2007: All the pop gossip, blogging and murder you can handle.

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About LiveGamesNetwork

LiveGamesNetwork is the primary destination for players to enter and experience a LiveGame. Founded in 2006 by Troy Benton, the company based in New York City and produces and directs LiveGames that enable players to play a live fictional adventure over 14 days.


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