Friday, April 14, 2006

Authentic Media Provider

So, Derek Powazek, wants all of us to quit it. He hates us for making "user-generated content" a buzzword.
Here is his logic...

User: One who uses. Like, you know, a junkie.

Generated: Like a generator, engine. Like, you know, a robot.

Content: Something that fills a box. Like, you know, packing peanuts.

So what's user-generated content? Junkies robotically filling boxes with packing peanuts. Lovely.

Calling the beautiful, amazing, brilliant things people create online "user-generated content" is like sliding up to your lady, putting your arm around her and whispering, "Hey baby, let's have intercourse."

Luckily, David doesn't go any further about his sex life. Instead, he provides us a way to make him feel better about user-generated content. Instead, let's just call it "Authentic Media."

Great. So David wasted a post on a symantic quibble and now so have I. But, then again, we're marketers. Symantic quibbles are life. :)

- Marc


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